Whole Person Care – Create a Comprehensive Care Plan

The Comprehensive Care Plan is used to close “gaps in care”

A Comprehensive Care Plan is a living document that is built from customized social and physical health assessments and is accessible to all members of a multidisciplinary care team.

A Comprehensive Care Plan is the key to whole-person care collaboration. ClientTrack empowers medical, behavioral health, and social support providers to collaborate on evidence-based, coordinated systems of care to serve high-risk populations.

Whole Person Care – Create a Comprehensive Care Plan

Whole Person Care Paradigm

Using ClientTrack’s flexibility, ability to bring together disparate providers, and integration with a wide variety of databases we are able to coordinate primary care, behavioral health, and community-based organizations to provide a whole person care plan for your clients. It takes collaboration across all providers to deliver whole person care.

What is Whole Person Care?

Key Features:


Primary Care


Accountable Care Organization


Workforce Services

Helping people get back on the path towards meaningful employment is vitally important for both individuals and communities. While workforce programs have existed for years, we now understand that the best way to help clients is by addressing their unique needs rather than program eligibility requirements.


Youth and Family Services

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