Beyond Compliance

Powerful, comprehensive case management.

ClientTrack balances off-the-shelf ease of use with the most powerful and configurable system on the market. This flexibility allows Eccovia to deliver tailor-made solutions to fulfill a wide array of case management needs. We make sure you’re able to hit the ground running on day one, armed with the tools to modify your system as needed.

Case Management Software That Doesn’t Limit You
With ClientTrack, you’ll never need to settle for less than what you’re capable of.

The ClientTrack case management platform goes above and beyond simply meeting compliance requirements. It can be as small and simple or as large and complex as you need, capable of adapting and growing beyond baseline to meet your needs with in-app design tools that enable you to add functionality, processes, forms, and more.

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Compliance Simplified

Eccovia’s team includes national leaders and experts in HUD and federal partner compliance, and our ClientTrack platform is built to provide full regulatory compliance in data collection and storage, privacy and security, data standards, and reporting.

Integration and Migration

ClientTrack’s REST API allows for real-time data integration and enormous data ingestion, with controls for data deduplication, quality checking, and HUD CSV file import and export.

In-App Design Tools

ClientTrack puts you in the driver’s seat with the in-app Designer Toolset, which gives you the power to add functionality and features without costly custom code or change orders. As your needs change, your ClientTrack platform can change right along with you.

Powerful Ad Hoc Reporting

ClientTrack empowers you to tell data-driven stories of your successes to funding sources and stakeholders, driving superior outcomes. Our reporting tools include all common prebuilt reports as well as in-app tools to generate custom reports on the fly with drag-and-drop ease.

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